Everyone wants to get rich or wealthy. How do you get wealthy? There are get rich quick schemes flaunting our markets, but it is important you understand that there is a basic psychology behind getting wealthy – being caught in the cash flow from top to bottom. Is financial knowledge required? Yes it is! Because your children’s’ bills and your grandfather’s funeral loans will not pay itself off. Neither will your house build itself nor your dream cars buy itself. An in-depth knowledge in finance is thus required in wealth acquisition, but this entails a complete understanding of the basic psychology behind accruing wealth and getting rich.

We shall start off with the first question. What is the difference between being rich and being wealthy? I remember asking a friend this question a couple of weeks ago. She explained, “Being rich meant you had a lot of available cash at your disposal. Money to spend, and get whatever you want, at any given time. On the contrary, being wealthy meant gathering a lot of assets.” I totally agreed with her definition but what then becomes an asset? The car? The land? The house?  An asset is defined as an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. Have you ever heard of a person being labeled an ‘asset?’ even at the start of his career? There brings us to the clear difference between being rich and wealthy: The rich have lots of money but the wealthy don’t worry about money at all.

From the doctor’s standpoint, we most likely fall into the first category. We may be rich in the sense that our salaries are in the higher economic range, however, because of our expenses (houses, cars, lifestyles, etc.) and sometimes poor decisions, we have a tough time accumulating any real wealth. We are also handicapped by the fact that we start along this financial journey relatively later in life because we are not exposed to any real entrepreneurship courses and ventures to fetch income in medical school. We end up leaving school with a lot of pathophysiological cascades in our brains with the end result leading to poverty. We get caught in the rat race and typically live from hand to mouth, and grow through life. Get married, get kids, and work until we die. It’s time to break free and get immersed in the psychology of wealth.

I remember interacting with a doctor some days ago. He had been caught in the 9-5 maze. He had to drag himself to work every day and always had a scorn of his face, anytime He asked patients “What was wrong with you?” His expression was enough to scare patients away. A patient with complaints of a genital rash was likely to accidently say he was just checking up on the doctor. A careful glance at the doctor revealed the truth. He was in crumpled scrubs. His hair was a mess but he was the best in his field. The lady he had asked out some weeks ago was likely to push his name down on her list just by sitting in his car.

Speaking truthfully, most doctors are tired. They are in various phases of contemplating a branch into lucrative businesses and administrative positions which can fetch them money – “cash!!” A colleague will say and show his teeth in succession- Because the world of wealth needs the smart brains, and not the smart hands, at the helm of affairs; the ability to command without a gauntlet, at the snap of your finger and let a lot of cash slide and fade away. It is high time; the governments included extra allowances for people working devotedly and whole heartedly to ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of Ghanaian citizens, are guarded financially. This I believe will put a lot of smiles on the morning faces of people.

Being wealthy ultimately has more to do with financial freedom. It means you are not living paycheck to paycheck. It means you have either saved enough that you don’t need to work every day to sustain your lifestyle or you’ve built up enough residual, passive income sources that you are getting paid in your sleep.

I personally do not care about being seen as rich – I really do not need the fancy house or cars. I just want to know that I can give up some or all work whenever I’d like to, and spend that time with my family without any financial pressure. I remember reading somewhere that “wealth is measured in time, not dollars” – and I believe that to be totally true.

I shall introduce a definition. An archetype. Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, or personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior. They represent universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious. We inherit these archetypes much in the way we inherit instinctive patterns of behavior. Wealth is such an archetype. Examining the universal archetype of wealth can help us to understand the nature of wealth – and most importantly, begin to discover what it means to us as individuals. Surprisingly enough, when you lack money, scarcity thinking sets in. The scarcity mindset is negative and thinks that there is never enough of whatever it is to go around. When you find yourself thinking like that, do everything in your power to move into an abundant mindset.

The first thing is to realize nothing falls from the sky and money does not grow on trees. Getting money takes a lot of positivity to believe you have already earned the money, with the required discipline to keep and sustain it. Searching through Google on how to earn passive income takes you to a lot of websites, with items listed in succession. The fact you are unaware of is, by just by clicking any of the hyperlinks, you generate extra income into the pockets of the website manager; who has invested his time and skill in learning how to create and maintain a website. The best investment you could ever make is, in yourself. Your talents, skills, creative ideas, goals and vision take constant practice and pruning – just like learning to play an instrument. But it is a process and you need to bear in mind that knowledge is power! Taking a couple of minutes out of your day to read never hurts anyone. It rather improves your memory and quickens your insight. Which is the first pathway to creating wealth and moving up the wealth chain.

 I remember completing school and placing that first search on Google. “How do I earn income?” I was desperate! I had set the bars very high and kept contemplating on how to get there day and night. This rendered me a lot of sleepless nights, however I believed the late nights and early mornings will eventually pay off. The firm attitude to succeed is far more important than facts or prophesies. It is more important than the past, than education, money, circumstances, than failures and success, than what other people think, say, or do. It is more important than appearance, ability, or skill. It makes and breaks a business, a home, a friendship, an organization.

The first option usually displayed on the Google search result is to try a no risk matched betting – probably the easiest out of the lot. It is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance. Matched betting can take a while to get your head around and that’s probably the main reason that more people do not involve themselves in it. Some people just see it as gambling and cannot fathom that it is actually risk free. That’s fine, it isn’t for everyone. In my view point, it is gambling. Some people will inadvertently argue that this life is a gamble, but trust me; it isn’t when you are connected to the right source!

The sad thing is problem gambling of any sort can have a detrimental effect on your personal finances as the attempt to chase loses become unmanageable. As well as spending wages, savings and spare cash, debts can also be a feature of problem gambling as a result of borrowings and loans to cover gambling loses. However, the impacts of problem gambling can be more than losing money. Problem gamblers often say they feel isolated as a result of their solitary pursuits of chasing loses. There is a tendency to stay away from school, college or work in order to gamble. In addition, there is often a pre-occupation with gambling, a lack of interest in maintaining relationships and a lack of motivation to engage in social activities.

Other means down the list include earning a part time job, starting a side hustle and creating a website. These things usually require a lot of commitment and positivity even in the face of adversity to continue, but be cognizant of the fact, it takes a lot of persistence and determination to carry through but energy and persistence conquers all things.

Some of these strategies to make extra money will require you to be in certain locales, while others are location-independent, but it all boils down to being resourceful. We have all found ourselves in a tight spot at one point in our lives or another, but to the person who’s committed, anything is possible.

There is no one right path as some would have you believe to create wealth. Whether through formal education or not.  These periods of uncertainty have created an atmosphere of unpredictability for anyone who would like to project things out perfectly over the next 20-30 years. As I have learned, there are things beyond our control which come into play, but you have to maintain that positive psychology of wealth.

As humans, it is in our nature to compare ourselves to others. Unfortunately, because we can only compare the things that we can objectively measure, we live in a world that is great at measuring and comparing externals. Somewhere along the way, we have decided that we could determine who is living a more valuable life by comparing their clothes, cars, homes, and paychecks. Simply put, we tied self-worth to net-worth. As a painful result, we began to make judgments about our own life value by the possessions that we own. But, in reality, our life is far more valuable than the things that we own. “The wages that we earn provide for our lives, but they do not define our lives.”

This is at the heart of self-esteem and self-respect. It is easy to associate a sense of belonging, worthiness, and security with financial success but money tends not to solve personal problems; money solves money problems. It will be difficult to create financial wealth or any measure of true success without having an intact core of self. Financial wealth does not automatically confer either self-esteem or self-respect. On the contrary, self-esteem and self-respect seem to be prerequisites for achieving a life of true wealth and prosperity.

I will like to end with a quote from George Lorimer

“It is good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

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Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Gordon says:

    One thing research has shown me is that, a lot of us do not have the savings attitude incorporated in us. data from GSS in 2014 showed that less than 40% of Ghanaians who fall within the working force save. In most cases, we tend to spend more of our autonomous expenditures ignoring our means igniting the normal poverty cycle. This and many more are reasons we are always burdened and at the end of the day we feel burdened financially


    1. Eliezer says:

      You know where it stems from? We aren’t educated enough financially. We seem to find our way through by observing people and heeding to negative advice from people. This results in a myriad of bio psychosocial illnesses. We pray Ghana gets better


  2. Leticia says:

    Although our financial management is poor but our monthly income has become hand to mouth therefore lands us into our little savings especially when the unexpected crisis comes which we have no control . Yet we have to try and hide something small for the future.


    1. Eliezer says:

      It’s a paradox in this life. But at least we know we can count on God


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