Beautiful face, a wonderful heart
Comforting hands that wrap the blessed piece
For the sake of love
A loud cry, a teary mother
The product that willingly offers to its offspring
He fills his heart with all of her mother’s words
His lips are pursed to speak but wide to breathe
Widespread arms extend for his frail hands
Facing them is a seat of rejection
And an emblem of a smile.
Healing hands that redeem their sight
He walked on the sea just to cleanse their fright
Taming the same sea’s entanglement, Faith demonstrates
A shield I yearn to carry
Faithfully, by my side
Praying and fasting, He outlined his death
Being tempted, He showed His way
The way, the truth and the life
Demons tremble at the mention of the name Jesus


Jesus, The Good Shepherd – I love You!


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